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2/28/06 – Our Fearless Hero Scooby Fitz is preparing for a trip to Mount Washington in NH. A place that has the most insane weather. Here’s a Youtube video of the wind at the top. Yikes. Scooby Dooby Doooooo……

9/15/06 – here’s the plan

I don’t have one Hughie has finally broken down to the power of you know what,and on bended knees proposed to his very long time girlfriend Rachel, good man Hughie,with the wedding being held in Madrid Spain i said to me self i smell an adventure. So I’m putting me 3rd class Irish arse onto a first class delta airlines seat across the pond,back to the homeland,to me wonderful little village www.malahideonline.ie where the mother will be cooking breakfest for all 5 sons for the first time in 20 years,Saturday night the the wedding party will begin in gibneys pub where god only knows what will happen, Sunday afternoon the race begins,it off to Amsterdam where we all know ,what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam, Monday morning its the high speed train to Germany have a quick beer make a sharp left and down into the beautiful Swiss alps,everything going according to plan i should be hiking into the alps Monday night, Tuesday San Moritz hopefully will be close by i hear the sights are amazing, wensday it will be a quick decent to ground level and a local airport to get me tired arse to Madrid wensday night where the rest of the village should have the party rocken and rollin for the wedding on Thursday Friday will be a day of rest, Saturday its back to the village in Ireland where the story’s will be told to no end, Monday its backing across the pond to my favorite town, NEW YORK CITY catch up with yaol later THE RACE TO THE ALPS HAS BEGUN yo ma get the frying pan on, your favorite son is on the way

9/17/06 – race to the alps

I was right,the mother had the breakfast on when i arrived,and believe it or not as i sat back on the couch 2 hours later braking news comes in on the TV the same plane i arrived on turned around back to new york had to do a emergency landing back in Ireland after a smoke condition on board, all is well in the homeland,the father has moved into his new on suite as the mother calls it,electric bed that goes up and down,fancy lights,built in rollin shower and toilet TV hanging on the wall,the only thing left for the man to do himself is fart, the village looks beautiful,there are a bunch of clowns paying millions of euros to say they live in malahide,what they don’t know is,you cant buy it, your either from malahide or your not,we know who you are, a great night was had in gibneys,i dont really remember much but i know they were still singing back in our kitchen at 5am, well i just arrived in Amsterdam,what a beautiful city,think of the village in new york and your still no where near it,so after a very relaxing bath in the hotel I’m of to check out the sights,so as i put my laptop ,gps,sda cellphone, digital camera,all together i hope when i get back they have all figured out how the bloody hell I’m going to get to the top of the Swiss alps and down to Madrid by wens day night,but hey i say let technology lead the way.

and the beat goes on

NYC                           IRELAND                         AMSTERDAM



9/18/06 – race to the alps

what can one say about Amsterdam,if one could remember one could say alot but i dont remember,beautiful city ill be back,but for now the race goes on,well there is a change in direction,i was going into Germany and down into the eastern alps but it is getting hammered by a storm so I’m out of here on the 12 55 train to Paris hop the subway to some other train station with only 1 hour to make it and connect on to Geneva where i hope to arrive at 11pm tonight,at that point the alls should be within reaching distance,gotta run train leaves in 20Min’s,will send out photos on next mail,me laptop and digital camera are not talking to each other at the moment I’m not sure whats going on with them will have time on train to get it together so for now ,I’m out.

and the beat goes on

9/19/06 – race to the alps

now that was a long day,i got out of Amsterdam at 12pm on the train with 5 minute smoke brakes along the  way in Rotterdam,Brussels,Antwerp,and got into Paris around 5.30pm with no time to spare it was a race across Paris to my connection to Switzerland,i gotta tell ya after riding the train in and out of Paris i can officially say its a dump,yes you have some nice areas in the city center but the outskirts are like refugee camps,why the bloodly hell do we give this place so much time i have no idea but its not getting any more of mine. so i got out the other side and said to meself its all fake fake fake,they blabber there mouths of on the world stage its all just a act to make themselves fell important,clean up your dump,the train ride to Geneva was great ,met alot of other packers in the trains cafe where we all shared stories,we arrived into Geneva around midnight and went looking for a hotel. well i woke up around 7am and i have to tell ya i was feeling pains from top to bottom and the knees swollen,i said to meself it time to stop and get to Madrid and rest,so i headed out for a coffee walked around the corner and to my delight here is the most beautiful city i have ever seen,i walked down to the lake and had breakfast on a boat,as i sat there watching the morning mist burn away,what do i see coming out in the back ground,the Swiss alps god dam i have made it i said to me self and with the loudest yodel i could yodel and everybody in the restaurant looking at me i got up paid the bill and headed back to the hotel packed up my smelly things said good bye and headed to the Internet cafe to send this out,all i can say is with a little help from the medication i pick up in Amsterdam a knee strap and a pumping heart I’m off into the alps, to my two wonderful kids Anthony in San Francisco and Samantha in Colorado who looks like she might be going for knee surgery herself,i wish you guys were here its amazing,but hey we will be skiing the Rockies soon. so without further Ado I’m off to bring to you the Swiss alps. NYC        MALAHIDE            AMSTERDAM        PARIS             GENEVA THE SWISS ALPS

ps I still cant get photos online but believe i have some great ones so ill just keep snapping and when i get to Madrid ill find a female who can figer it all out and  send it all out.

9/20/06 – race to the alps – mission complete

MISSION COMPLETE Amazing amazing amazing,there are no other words for it,I got a train out of Geneva for a 3 hour ride up the alps to a little village where one had lunch,from there it was a bus ride 5 miles to another little town,from there it was a tram train up to the top of a mountain where there was a hotel restaurant and Swiss camps where you can stay for 60Swiss francs,so i booked me self in,its was beautiful 4 cots a heater in the middle and some Swiss things everywhere. at around 8pm a big camp was lit and all types of stuff was grilling,with about 40 people staying and most of them packers it was a wonderful night at the top of the alps,we finally got to our cots around 2am and let me tell ye the empowering smell of socks was something else. 5.30am reality hit,I have to get to Madrid for the wedding,so with everybody snoring i packed me bag and snuck out of the tent and went into the hotel reception to check on transport,well to my shock i was informed 10am was the first bus,ooo jasus i said to me self,well if Hansel and Gretel and do it i can do it,so at 6 am i was strolling trough the alps heading back to the village where i knew there was a 9am train back to Geneva,and yes i was singing that song. 9am right on time the train arrived and i just laughed to me self all the way back to Geneva,after a quick sambo and cafe latte it was back on to the airport train for a quick 5 minute ride,arrived at the airport with just enough time for a smoke and bid the alps good bye,thank you www.easyjet.com for a cheap fare on fast notice,and to the captain if we every meet i will buy you dinner,leaving Geneva we got a 15 minute view of the alps for high above thanks cap,we arrive into Madrid at 6pm and hoped the subway into the wonderful town of Madrid Spain ( i have to say that or maria will kill me)now my phone wont stop ringing we have 100 real malahide people in town for the wedding,o yea i got the whole digital camera and laptop problem resolved but I’m falling asleepppppp writreldkj thidss so ye will get them tomorrow,i got a party to go to. Happy are theses who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to                                               make come true NYC     MALAHIDE     AMSTERDAM    PARIS     GENEVA       THE ALPS MADRID

9/24/06 – And the beat goes on

With 100 % of the votes in,it was the wedding of the decade,we were all picked up on the gran via by the buses for a 40 mile ride out into the country side to a beautiful village that i can no longer remember the name of,with cream of the crop of malahides best, the brother goat,jeppy,markey,des,mick,coco,the list goes on and on,the girls Saraann,Denise,unis,Mary,Patrica, Helen, Jacky,and me own favorite and best dress Jane all looking beautiful, who Else but Ireland favorite Father Joe who married me self 23 yrs ago and baptized Anthony and Samantha held the best service,pagans as he called us all,the sermon was short and sweet thank god me knees could not take any more ups and downs and there a man not kneel in front of father Joe,with Hugh and Rachel tied together for better or worse and till death does us part we all headed across to the reception,the starters consisted of this and that and more stuff that i have no idea what it was but everybody loved it,the dinner was a honor to the event,everything was beautiful the tables set out in great style, the goat as best man brought the room to tears with stories of him self and Hughie,a friendship that has lasted 35 years with the favorite been the day  the 2 of them got kick out of the 5Th school together,they both decided they could not go home and face the parents so they hopped the bus into Dublin city,as they sat there together they decided to end there lives,goat choice was to jump into the river liffy,Hugh chose to stand in front of a train so they said good bye to each other and went there ways,after about 30 minutes goat felt the cold of the river liffey and said fuck this,so he headed of looking for Hughie and lone behold he bumps into him,what happened to you goat said,the train was running late Hughie said and they headed back out to malahide to face the parents,and the rest is history, with a band and a DJ rocking the floor it was a night to remember,with laughter and song till 5 am when the buses brought us all back to Madrid.next day was very quite the heads were banging and a few of the lads still going strong,Saturday morning it was up at 7am back on the subway and of to the airport to get me tired arse back to the village and get some rest,so for today its the couch the fire a cup of tea and sit back and watch the Americans beat the Europeans in the Ryder cup,i seem to be the only Irish man shouting for America but that’s OK its only a game. so tomorrow it will be back across the pond to the town i love so much new york city,I’m going to wait till i get back and have a chat with my man jack www.jackleone.com who will help me get THE PHOTOS  on line I’m sure some of the girls would love the wedding photos,the lads could not give a fuck,so for now I’m off for a stroll around the village and think of days gone by,so with out further ado i bring to you the end of race to the alps,and the wedding of the decade,it was great having you all along but its time to wrap up this trip and get ready for the next,the word from Samantha is that snow is falling in the Rockies and we all know what that means, SKI SEASON IS COMING NEW YORK    MALAHIDE    AMSTERDAM     PARIS     GENEVA   THE ALPS MADRID            IRELAND          NEW YORK

9/26/06 – And the pics are ready

And here are the pics – http://www.jackleone.com/Page092606.html

9/27/06 – Its not over till the fat lady sings

It would only happen to me,i get up to Dublin airport Monday morning and who is there, The Ryder cup champions i let a roar over to wosley give us a lift across the pond,he roars back fuck off were going east so with a smile to each other he headed of with the rest of the lads onto air lingus private jet and i carried on to the cattle wagon to head across the pond. we land into Shannon to pick up another herd and clear customs,so up i go to the customs lady who had a good look at me and me passport and green card ,she says you have been in a lot of country’s,aaa yea i said just jumping around,take a seat she says and goes of into a office,after 15 minutes she comes out hands me back my papers and says carry on,so i arrive in JFK pick up me backpack and get stopped by home land security,I’m escorted into a room stripped naked and me backpack torn apart and for 3 hours i was help there with my passport and green card being ran through every agency out there after a clean bill of health i was handed back me papers and released,so as the doors out of the terminal opened i stood there had a laugh to me self,I’m a little crazy but not stupid i walk off into a new york night. and the beat stops. NYC http://www.jackleone.com/ScoobyFitz.htm thanks jack you did a great job of censoring the photos whats happens in madrid stays in madrid.

7/4/2006 – THANK YOU AMERICA ( the suits did not want the photos shown)

Dear Mr president,                            just droping you a email to let you know i was in town for the weekend,i heard bin laden say he would beat us by draining our resources so i said to me self, its your 20Th year in this great country take your Irish arse down to the capital and spend a few dollars,   so i headed of on the high speed train acelra to union station Washington,I got to tell ya Mr president that’s one mighty fine city that you have,i headed over to the u s capitol building and stood there thinking about the history that has been made in this building,after leaving there in awe, i strolled up the mall to the Smithsonian museum where i spent the rest of the day looking at space,history,geography,the discovery Chanel will never turn me on again,after all that walking i checked me self into the Washington hotel,well Mr president i got to tell ya i have never slept in a bed quite like it,i did not want to leave the next day but i still had a lot to see,   so next day i rented a bike and headed of to the pentagon,i have to admit it was just sadness i felt looking at it,everything is back to the way it was but you can still smell the fuel burning so i decided no photos and back on me bike and over to the Washington monument,as i stood there looking at the monument i notice that it has 3 shades of block meaning it was built over time,just like freedom,from there it was over to the reflecting pool and the long walk up the steps to old Abe Lincoln,so after reading all of what Abe had to say i sat down for me lunch looking out on the reflecting pool thinking about Forest gump running over to jenny and then i see the white house and i think of bubba getting a blow job from Monica all great moments in American history and then it happens,i see the crowd running to the side and then i hear the chopping of air and out of no where  3 marine one helicopters ducking and diving, slipping and sliding, above the tree tops,well i got to tell you Mr president i stood up with a ham and cheese hero squashed into my forehead and a can of cola pouring down me leg,i dropped everything and grabbed me camera for i know they would never believe this one,that was quite a moment and i thank you for that,first helicopter made a fake dive to the white house the second landed which had you on board and the third followed you in and then veered right back over the mall and of into the sunset,                                             top gun was home safe,   after that my trip was complete so i headed down to the famous Irish bar Fados in Chinatown where they serve one of the best chicken pot pies,and enjoy a few laughs and sung a few songs with the tourists,i took a stroll back by the white house later in the evening but the gate was locked, i was thinking about jumping the fence and pop in for a cup of tea and a chat but i know you like to hit the bed early,so without a second thought i walked past the treasury building and back                              to the bed in the Washington hotel,   well I’m back in new york now as we both know Washington is the capital of America but new york is the capital of the world and i have the best view in the world of the fireworks from me roof,so once again i thank you for a wonderful time and wish you and yours a great 4Th of July,by the way could you tell the 2 boys in suits with ear phones that were doing the same tour as me i had a great time and sorry i had to disappear,and last but not least i leave you with theses                                                         words.                          THOSE WHO DENIED FREEDOM TO OTHERS                       SHOULD BE DENIED FREEDOM TO THEMSELVES                                           GOD BLESS AMERICA HAPPY 4TH


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