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8/2/07 – Checkout the latest exploits of our hero

The diamond of the Caribbean

old San Juan

i had heard about it over the years and always wanted to see it,so i says to me self if ya don’t just pack your backpack and go you will never get there.so it was on to www.jetblue.com and let the adventure begin,
I checked into the www.sheratonoldsanjuan.com a great hotel with casino 4 star restaurant,swimming pool and hot tub on the roof,i went walking the beautiful little streets full of restaurants and shops and close to where the ships pull in,there is a beautiful castle with the walls surrounding the old village one could nearly say its perfect for romance,but i did not come here for romance, i was studying the amazing electrical infrastructure,they put everything on the rooftops,see photos,
so it was back to the hotel onto the laptop where i found www.capeair.com to get my arse to the southern coast to see the rain forest,my plan was to walk in look around listen to the guide,yea right,i get to the airport and there it is a 6 seater and a pilot,a solder who was drinking Guinness in Shannon Ireland the day before and fighting for freedom in down town Baghdad the day before that,after a word in the pilots ear and a fifty in his pocket i got the best view of the rain forest from 2000ft,thanks capt tom,we landed in ponce,a beautiful little town with great cafes and restaurants and the true feeling of puerto Rico,
so after a 3 hour jump around the town i went up to a cop and said,if you were me, with not a care in the world, where would you go,so he sent me to the most amazing little town called www.laparguerapuertorico.com what a fantastic place,ill be back,next morning i was picked up at the hotel at 6am,we drove to the east coast and onto the catamaran waiting to roar,with about 30 people on board we sailed out of port got ourselves into the trade winds and the party started,we blazed past st Thomas st Barth’s,st john,under the British virgin isles and over to a area called the Spanish islands,amazing diving with vis down to 120ft,the best snorkeling site on earth,400 types of fish,after that it was a nice slow sail back to San Juan,i got back to the hotel room looked in the mirror and said to me self .your in trouble,14 hours of sailing with no shirt no cream just a big smile on me face,10 minutes later i was jumping from the cold shower to trow up in the bowl and shiver all over,thank god jet blue got me on a early flight back to new york,3 days later and feeling alot better all i can say is ,
ill be back

2/22/07 –

No drain lines, no fan belts,no expansion valves,no compressors the man
in the dapper suit and flowing gray hair said,what is he talking about i
said to myself,i have been playing this game for 25yrs who is he trying to
fool,and that was how it started,

xdv,s – xdp.s – xdo,s it was all very confusing at first,but then i
started to get the hang of it,we double stacked the xdv,s and hung them
out of the ceiling,4 sets of refrigerant headers were put together and hung
in the center hot isle,pre-charged flex refrigerant quick connect lines
joined the xdv,s to the refrigerant headers all piped back to 3 xdps,(4)- 50
ton chillers out the back with (2) chilled water pumps, dual control
panels,upgrade of (3) – 60hp glycol pumps to 100hp, (1) 150 – ton and
(1) 60 – ton dry cooler added to the dry cooler farm on the roof,(1) – 20
ton and (2) – 10 ton crack units for the (2) – 400kva ups units on the
10th floor ,what a impact onto an existing system of 3 floors of critical
data center where failure was not a option.

And then the day of introduction and commissioning came,after sorting
out a few little engineering snags with chilled water bypass and chiller
programming,it was time to give the system a run for its money,so it
was off to see the building chief Mike ludwikowski for his blessing,his
engineering skills amaze me,over to Paul krische (assistant chief) the
only man who smiles more than me for his go, into Jack Leone the main man
for data centers for his cheerful (when am i getting my place back
comment), onto Mark Gerard my boss for the go ahead, it was time to make it
dance, So the time came to call Henry porizo the gray haired man in the dapper
suit,we talked on the phone or he had stopped in every day for 111 days
straight at 100hrs a week,during the crazy days of the project, when we
were not sure if we were coming or going, he always would say,(us here
at Emerson liebert) think this or that, and i would be looking at him
thinking its only you and me here, but then i figured it out,I had the world
wide engineering resources of Emerson liebert with me every day, that’s when
i knew everything is going to go just fine,

In came (6) load banks lined up in the middle hot isle blasting 380 kw
of heat,(3) xdp,s pumping refrigerant 134a through the headers into the
xdv,s and a beautiful 25 to 30 degree f cooling across the coils, we failed
the system upside down and inside out and could not fail it,we were doing a
24hr round the clock test of all the systems,at about 5am i went up on
the building roof to see the sun rise over new york city after a very
successful night of testing,i lit up a cigarette and had a laugh to
myself,he was right (no drains needed) and loads of extra floor space
for computers and a small electric bill to keep the building manager
happy,14 months later we have still not received a alarm.

David Fitzgerald. NYC.

1/20/07 – Our Fearless Hero Scooby Fitz sends this update –

The final review of your Fall 2006 application for graduation has been completed and you  have met all the requirements for your degree –    CONGRATULATIONS ANTHONY DAVID FITZGERALD – SFSU —

oooo its not what ya do,its the way that ya do it, and that’s what is all about.

well done Anthony and best of luck




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