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11/30/07 – Return to the Arctic

Well the moment has arrived ,i just got back from the harbor and let me tell ye its blowing prity wild out there,the ferry leaves in 30Min’s so its time to leave you all behind and go capture this moment,thanks for all you emails and support along the way it has been very entertaining but where I’m going there is no technology,so with out further adu I’m of to bring to you ,the arctic.

11/29/07 – Return to the Arctic

Greetings from the top of the world,well i got to say I’m feeling the pain the body has aged since my last adventure to this part of the world,i arrived in Iceland around 6am jumped the bus to downtown Reykjavik to connect north,well to my shock and awe the bus taking me north was a minivan and it was full,we took of and i felt a fierce disappointment thinking i have to sit on this thing 10 hours with only one stop along the way and no smoking,so in my true fashion and new york attitude 30 mile out side Reykjavik i told the driver to pull over i have had enough,so on the side of the road i was left me self me backpack and a cigarette in me mouth,i crossed the road stuck out me thumb and with in minutes i was riding in the back of a Mercedes taxi,to the airport i said to the driver with a big smile on me face,
so we arrived at Reykjavik domestic airport no bigger than my apartment with a road for a runway,this is what I’m talking about i said to me self,and there waiting behind the desk of www.airiceland.com is a beautiful blond with smiling eyes,do you having anything going north to http://www.akureyri.is/english i says,yah she says it leaves in 10 minots,so on-board on got 1 hour later I’m walking in the door of my hotel www.keahotels.is ,so tomorrow morning its up early over to darvac to catch the ice breaker out to the arctic,for now I’m heading into the bar in the hotel where i see a big sign for Guinness,all is good and the beat goes on.
to my wonderful daughter Samantha back in the Colorado Rockies who worries about me so much,stop worrying honey i got this one xox.

11/28/07 – Return to the Arctic

Why you ask,well if you have ever danced under the norther lights you would understand why,and i have that was on the other side of the world when i went up to the north pole by way of Alaska,this time I’m going via Iceland,so heres the plan,
hop the subway to JFK airport,onto www.jetblue.com for a quick trip north to Boston,arrive at 6pm,2 hour layover and its www.icelandair.com to Reykjavik the capital of Iceland,arrive 6am local time,jump in a cab to the downtown bus depot,depart 8.30am for a 10hour ride north to the top of Iceland,get to hotel around 10pm,get up at 4am for a 8mile walk to dalvac for 8.30 am departure on a ice breaker for a 5hour trip across the arctic ocean to a little island called gremsley,overnight solo on the island dance with the norther lights pick up my certificate back to the harbor get a ride back to the main land and back down to Reykjavik for 2 days of rest,so with the gps laptop cellphone ski suit backpack ready,its time to go capture this moment,i have Anthony taking care of updating photo show in new york,i have Samantha keeping me updated with weather reports and its away i go.
click on link  above,look at center between 3 and 4 o’clock 2 inches from center you see a little island between Iceland and Greenland,ill be there.

9/11/07 – Checkout the latest exploits of our hero


for the family’s who walk the ramp to the pit for the last time,over 900 bodies have never been found, the pit is there grave,this was there final goo


against the lowest forms of life that would bring there hatred and politics to such a sacred place on such a sacred day and the organizations and high profile names not worth mentioning and the media that would give them airtime.


that the smell of burning is finally gone,the foundations are in and the tallest safest strongest biggest engineering project in the world is happening in the greatest city in  the  world


watch this to the end ,and then move on, but never forget



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