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12/8/07ScoobyFitz checked in with a couple of new pics. We have the boy back at the crib, and one of his Point Barrow, Alaska certificate.


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12/5/07 – Return from the Arctic – enjoy the slideshow


Trip to the Arctic Circle and Iceland 66*.32,37,26N 18*00,37,37W

click on the watch button below,box will open,click on watch again and enjoy the show,

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12/3/07 – Return to the Arctic

A amazing mystical place,fire and ice at its wildest,from the coldΒ  of the arctic circle to the warmness of the people,from the Glaser’s to the volcano’s this truly is a island being born before our very eyes,a self sustained world onto its self,from the geothermal heating to the steam powered generators to the hydrogen fueled cars to the waters around the island jumping with fish,

i have enjoyed every bit of this adventure and i know i will be back here again soon,there is so much i have seen, but still so much to be seen,this is also known as the land of the midnight sun,there is alot more to do in the summer time,the Icelandic people are the friendlest i have ever met,from the hot stews i had in the harbor cafes filled with fishermen,to the great bars of Reykjavik where we sang songs in front of roaring fires and told story’s of our travels and gave tips of things to do,i got two nights of dancing with the norther lights and let me tell you everybody dances,last night i had the honor of joining the towns people in the square where the mayor lit the Christmas tree a present from the people of Norway to the people of Iceland,we drank some hot drink i have no idea what it was, we sang Christmas songs and it was a great moment,

so as i sit in the Internet cafe waiting for the fly bus to go 70km to the airport onto Icelandair to Boston quick jump from terminal e, to terminal c, on to jet blue to JFK, and into a cab to my front door,i smile to myself ,mission complete and all is good,to the people of Iceland i thank you for allowing me onto your island i wont soon forget this time and look forward to returning for the midnight sun,

and a very happy Christmas and peaceful new year

to everybody,

photoshow will be on line tonight

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12/1/07 – Return to the Arctic

what a amazing adventure,it was a wild ride once we left the fjord out into the open ocean,believe me i was asking myself why am i here, i could be at home on me couch watching all this on the HDTV flat screen on discovery channel,

there was no fanfare no balloons no fireworks,it was just the harbor lights that i saw in the distance that i knew i had crossed the arctic circle,i got of the boat in total darkness as it is 22 hours a day up here, not knowing what way to go i decided to stick close to the harbor where there was a fishing trawler giving of light, my heart stopped watching the very lifeline that brought me here pulling away,but i knew it would return the next day,i found a fisher mans hut to get in out of the cold and boy was it cold,not long after arriving a blizzard moved in,i put on every bit of clothing i had and ventured out feeling more relaxed,as the hours ticked away i figured there would be no show of the norther lights due to heavy cloud coverage,i must have fallen asleep for a few hours for when i woke i looked out the snow had stopped and of in the distance i could see green colors dancing in the sky,to far to photograph but close enough to say wow,a few hours later i heard the horn of the ferry returning,i ran back down to the ramp and jumped back on board,laughing to me self all the way back to mainland.

i found a big bus in town heading south to Reykjavik jumped on board 6 hours later I’m here tell you the story,tonight I’m going back out on a guided tour and hopefully will get a good show,i hear you all asking for photos and they are coming soon just let me keep shooting the moments and Anthony is going to do his magic a put a good photo show together,as for now i need to get in a shower and grab a few hours sleep before heading out again,so give me time and i will give you a great show,thanks for all you emails.

yo Samantha i did it again

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