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It’s all about me lambchops

they were like a little treat i looked forward to once a week,garnish with a little salt and pepper a few shakes of parsley slowly fried, a few small potato’s with a slab of Irish butter on top,but about a year ago it all started to change,
$6.99 a lb was the price a week later they went to $7.99, 2 weeks later $8.99, 2 months later $10.99 at that stage i went to tom the supermarket manager and ask why,oil he says,oil i say,so i thought about it oil keeps going up which pushes up  transport,refrigeration cost,feed for the lambs,as oil hit$130.00 lamb chops hit $12.99 oil hit $150.00 lamb chops hit $15.99 at that point i removed lamb chops from my menu,but the part that confused me was why do the democrats not want to drill for oil,they are the poor ones and they are been hurt more than me self and Joe the plumber,
but when i asked democrats why, they could not answer me,i really don’t think democrats give a dam about global warming when they cant feed there own kids,so i look more into it and what i found is,its not the democrats its the liberal left wing who have taken over the peoples democratic party ( palossi Kerry gore Reid) that wont let this happen,
then like a breath of fresh air in a stinking world john McCain introduced us to a beautiful family from Alaska,Sarah says we got plenty of oil in the North slope and my husband is a union pipe fitter,wow i say to me self a ENERGY INDEPENDENT AMERICA how amazing would that be,we gave $800 billion away this year to country’s that hate us
but then it started in Hollywood, CNN, msnbc, ABC, CBS, new york times,the left coast 80% of the media that has control over america,(thank god for www.foxnews.com) they went to alaska and tried to bribe people to make up stories about this wonderful family,they broke into her email account but found nothing,they did everything in there power to distroy her,and in the end they made a porno about her,as i write this i feel my blood boil,
but to cut a long story short let me explain why,i spent 24 of my 45 years on this planet living in socialest europe i ran away from it and did not return for 8 years i finaly found FREEDOM in AMERICA but now i feel the beast has caught up with me,what we are wittnesing is history in the making,ye see for socialism to work the last thing they need is a energy indenpendent america thats why they will never drillbabydrill i have added a link below to a interview with a very well known KGB agent who excaped russia in 1970 the interview is from 1985 it explains how it all works if you would like more info go to www.jackleone.com you will learn alot,at this stage nothing can stop what is about to happin but the good news is i know americans and when they see what is coming they will stop it but there are many dark days ahead,i wish each and everyone of you the best, its way bigger that you or me and can not be stopped at the moment in time,
i finish up this chat about my lambchops with a headline from the ankorage post last friday,this past winter the glaycers of alaska had the highest grouth then what they have had in the past 10 years i have been to the arctic twice and heading back in december by way of greenland dont believe the hype the polar bears are doing just fine
thanks for trying

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an e-mail from Ireland


“an e-mail from Ireland

An email from Ireland to all of their brethren in the States…a point to

ponder despite your political affiliation:

‘We, in Ireland , can’t figure out why you people are even bothering to

hold an election in the United States .

On one side, you had a pants wearing female lawyer, married to another lawyer who can’t seem to keep his pants on, who just lost a long and heated primary against a lawyer, who goes to the wrong church, who is married to yet another lawyer, who doesn’t even like the country her husband wants to run !

Now…On the other side, you have a nice old war hero whose name starts with the appropriate ‘Mc’ terminology, married to a good looking younger woman who owns a beer distributorship !!

What in God’s name are ya lads thinkin over in the   colonies !

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