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(See, I told Scooby he would either hear from the Secret Service or FBI when he contacted Governor Palin.

Lo and behold, he worked his charm and received the following from the Governor’s Scheduling Assistant. Way to go Scooby …) — admin

meself and Sarah will sit down over

irish tea and scones and we will save this great country,
drill baby drill

— On Wed, 1/14/09, Hills, Breanna L (GOV) <> wrote:
From: Hills, Breanna L (GOV) <>
Subject: daughter Samantha up to Alaska
To: @yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 3:24 PM
Scooby meets Sarah

Scooby meets Sarah

Thank you for your request for Governor Palin. We will put this request into the Governors scheduling database. At this time we are not able to confirm the Governors availability. We will contact you as soon as we have an update in this regards. Thank you,

Breanna Hills

Scheduling Assistant

Office of Governor Sarah Palin


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Contact has been made

Contact has been made,at this point i choice to release no more information on til after Sarah Samantha and myself have had our Irish tea and scones,after what i have seen in the media and the terrible story’s that have been printed i refuse to be apart of it so from this point on ,I’m entering the bubble,
thank you for your understanding,
drill baby drill

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Dear Sarah


20090112026lrDear Sarah,
i have been waiting for your fame to settle down a little before getting in touch with you,but from what i see that is not happening anytime soon,they cant admit it but they
miss you,as do I,
i would have to say i was your biggest supporter in a city that had 8 million Obama supporters that would be new york,for me you were the only one that made sense we need to drill and we need to drill now,we are not going to find a replacement for oil or build a infrastructure for it for decades,meanwhile Americans go to bed every night thinking things are bad now,what happens if one nuke goes off in the mid/east that will be the end of all oil exports to the world,would we not be better of running a nice 26inch pipeline directly into the heart of this great nation put a valve on it and at least we can sleep at night knowing if something goes wrong well crack the valve,(1) it gives us ENERGY INDEPENDENCE (2) it puts a load of the lads to work, (3) we give 750 billion a year away to country’s that hate us to buy oil,pump our own and we wipe out our depth in 10 years,I’m not highly educated i left school at 13 at 24 with 2 kids i left Ireland for America with a dollar and a dream, 20 years later the kids are collage educated and doing very well,but now i fell sadness this great country that gave me so much is limping,FAILURE TO PLAN IS PLANING TO FAIL.
but enough of the worlds problems for now,the reason why i am writing to you is because i am bring my daughter Samantha up to Alaska in march 20Th to 27Th to see the northern light,we are flying into anchorage and driving up to Fairbanks staying at the aurora ice hotel and then heading for the arctic circle,i was up at point barrow a few years ago and love the arctic,i have just got back from a failed attempt to get into Greenland by way of Iceland here is a link to my website https://scoobysays.wordpress.com/ I’m giving it another go this November,now i was looking at the map and i see i pass your beautiful town on the way,would it be at all possible to drop in and say hallo and maybe get a photo with Samantha,you see she was your second biggest fan and her boyfriend Steve has just completed 2 tours in Iraq,while we were having thanksgiving dinner Steve was telling me when the President calls 911 its the the 82ND airborne that answers the phone,i was sitting there thinking to myself how can i impress me daughter after that,that’s when i thought of you,so if you think you can get 10 minutes i will bring along Irish tea and scones with butter and ill be for ever your number 1 fan,
thank you,

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Join Scooby as he shares images from his December 2008 trip to Iceland

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Here are some photos of Scooby out and about with the family.

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