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I could talk for hours about that adventure but I’m a firm believer that photos tell the story,so Anthony put together great photo show and jack put all the photos up on my website,thanks lads if Discovery channel every pick me up you will be first to get my autographed photo from my publicist,to all our new friends we meet along the way, thanks for your help and your smiles we had a blast and we are really hoping redoubt settles
backs down and waits another hundred years,
me self and Samantha were chatting on the way back to the lower 48 and decided since
we got the Alaskan triple crown,
that should make us

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Here’s a great video compilation of the Alaskan adventure of ScoobyFitz and the Lady

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on the hour every hour all night long i was checking the website just had a strange feeling, at 6am the anchorage news comes on and says the earth quakes have stopped and the treat level has gone from red to orange,i wonder how the color blind see all this,
7am we jumped in a cab to the airport for 9.15am flight, checked in cleared security and hopped on board,SAM was looking out the window and says to me look at all the air force planes taking off,i looked out and there was f16 f18 f22 raptors tearing off into the sky and then the captain comes on and says we have just received world that redoubt has erupted and everybody take there seats for takeoff,then we realised there getting the fighter jet to a safe area,
we pushed away and started heading down the taxiway we were looking out at the wings seeing the flaps going to 15degrees we get to the end of the taxi way and make a fast left and then another fast left onto runway 7 left without stopping the engines running full blast we were flying down the runway up up and away,
the pilot comes on and tells us to look out the right window which SAM was sitting at,and there20090326300volcanocloudlr it was erupting in front of our eyes i pushed SAM down to the floor and got the camera on the moment,what a way to finish a amazing adventure,i feel so sorry for the people of anchorage they have been living in fear of this but if it had to happen let it be our moment,we got back into Minneapolis st Paul to find Denver and new york airports closed due to weather so we got a extra hour together,i just got in the door and SAM just called
she just landed,so all is good,we will get the photo show out asap,
2009-03-26 21:35:38

2009-03-26 20:30:34

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Redoubt Erupts

we got out of Fairbanks on www.alaskaair.com and flew down the same route we came up by train  so we got to see it all again from the air,picking out places along the way Denali state park,the pilot gave us the best view of mount McKinley (see photo) 20090324arcticcircle327lrand back down into anchorage,we got the latest news on the volcano from the taxi driver all she could talk about was how worried she was about her dogs being out side and if the mountain blows she has to get home fast to get the dogs in,she was a little wacky,
there was no way for us to get to the volcano so we headed down to cooks inlet
where we could see it but due to cloud coverage we could not see the steam but that’s OK we are beat at this stage and the last thing we need is a eruption stopping us from getting out to marrow morning and back to the( lower 48 )as they like to call it up here,
so its time to bring this amazing adventure to a end,we got everything we planed and so much more from 12 hours in the baggage car of the Aurea express with the door open and views to die for,to taking on the mighty Dalton highway,the ice truckers with the history channel in hot pursuit to the crossing of the arctic circle to walking the frozen
chena river the very river that captain cook and his crew sailed up looking for the north west passage over 200 years ago http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chena_River to the most spectacular moment of it all,dancing under the  AURORA BOREALIS
20090324arcticcircle328lrso as we sit back in our hotel room chatting about the whole adventure we want to take this time to thank you all for you emails and support along the way and as soon as i get back i will hand the camera over to Anthony and jack and give them a few day and we will get the photo shows on line i have over 450 photos to sort through,but for now there is one very big thank you to all the people along the way who helped bring this dream through,
thank you,
shout out
to our family friends
who work at MC murdo base at the south pole
see ye soon
the beat stops……………………………………………………….

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The Aurora Borealis


8 years, 4 arctic crossing, thousands of miles traveled, and every bit of it was worth it,for you guys i need to go to camera school as soon as i get back i was turning knobs, pressing buttons and having no idea what i was doing i just could not get the camera to get what we were seeing but we got a few to prove our viewing,it was amazing beyond words we were out in minus 30 for 3 hours dancing under the lights,20090324arcticcircle312lr1
but for now i have to shut down the laptop pack up and get to the airport,we just got word our flight is going down to anchorage there are still flights getting canceled so we are running for the erupting volcano and see what we can top of this amazing adventure with,
the chase continues …………………………………
thank you

See all of our Alaska photos here @ Scooby & The Lady visit the Arctic

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The Arctic Circle

The day started at 5am into a cab 20 minute ride to the depart base of

we meet ED our tour guide and 4 other packers where we loaded up our arctic van with everything needed for survival in the arctic,hot water, blankets,satellite phone,food,etc,from there it was a 2hr ride north and the infamous Dalton highway,
20090322303lrwe pulled in for breakfast before the long run north and found out that the history channel crew were shooting the ice road trucker show and 2 days before there camera crew were in a bad accident during a white out they ran into the back of a ice road truck and there driver was killed, it will be on the history channel in about 3 months watch out for a driver called Jessy James,
so we headed north with our first stop at the mighty Yukon river frozen solid with a quick powder room break aka the outhouse 20090322316lrand did it stink,from there it was 3hrs to finger point mountain where we hit a white out and pulled off the road,me self and SAM got out and experienced the arctic at its best blowing 60mph down to minus 50f we lay into the wind and had the time of our lives (see photos) we left there and 20 miles down the road we find a truck go off the road deep in snow all the rescue crew were just arriving and we heard on the CB that the film crew were 150miles north and knew about the truck but could not get a crew down due to bad weather,from there it was 2 hours and a few blizzards to the arctic circle,thankfully we had good weather there and got our photo moment at the sign,20090322300lrwe stayed 15 minutes as we were all ready seeing the sun starting to go down and started heading back south,all the way back there was chatter back and forth the rescue crew had shutdown the road to try and get the tractor trailer out of the ditch,
we got back to the area and found 30 trucks stopped southbound and 20090322301lrmore northbound on the other side of the crash area,we had about 2 hours sitting there with Gail force winds blowing around us but what a moment,I sit on me couch watching all this on me 42inch HDTV and now we are part of the show,AMAZING i say,
after the wreckage was moved we all hit the road 2 hours back to the outhouse at the Yukon river,we took a 15minute smoke brake loaded up pulled away and down the van went into the snow,with the wheels spinning but nothing happening it was all out with the shovels and chains it took us more that a hour to get out,20090322304lrso it was back onto the haul road for 3 hours back to the start and onto good roads just as the sun set perfect timing,
after one more break at the hilltop cafe where all the truckers hang out it was 2 more hours down to the hotel http://www.princesslodges.com/ in Fairbanks,
we are having a lazy day getting ready for to nights hunt for the northern lights we are heading to the airport to pickup a SUV and heading north up the
there is a place up there that is known for the best light shows on earth called the
so that’s where we will be for the night,everything looks good for a perfect night there is good auroral activity there are no clouds and most important the cold is there the colder it is the better the show,so for now i sent jack back a bunch of photos to put up for viewing and hopefully tomorrow we will have the northern light,
i have been tracking this volcano for 3 months 2 weeks ago i gave up on it, all activity had stopped,we wake up to breaking news today that she is starting to blow,we are booked on a 11am flight tomorrow morning to anchorage into a SUV 100 west and by tomorrow evening we should be streaming live breaking news from the scene,

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The Aurora Express

Its seldom I’m stuck for word but this is one of those times where i just don’t know where to start the word amazing does not do the experience justice,we got down to the train station at 8.15am and it was all aboard,
2009_03210207lr2 engines at the front then the dining car then 2 carriage’s of seating and the baggage car at the back,15 minutes out of anchorage the conductor started checking tickets he gets to me self and Samantha and in true new york style the question was asked,can we get off at the next station for a ciggy his answer was, give me 15 minutes and come down the back to my office,not a problem i says and with a minute to go we were up looking for Steve the conductor,he walks us out the back door and into the baggage car welcome home he2009_03210007lr says,and without delay and the train flying down the tracks he slides open the door and says smoke away,me self and SAM looked at each other in shock and awe and the adventure begun,

First stop Wasilla

First stop Wasilla

first stop was my hero SARAH’S home town of wasilla 2 passenger’s on and away we go,

sliding doors open we are tearing through the heart of Alaska 2 hobos living the dream of many a child,mount McKinley, Denali state park,the Alaskan range,mountain goats,bald eagles,moose,wolfs Alaska at its wildest we saw it all for 12 hours we never left the baggage car except for the dining car, it was truly amazing and i have hundreds of photos to send back to www.jackleone.com who will get them up on my website https://scoobysays.wordpress.com for viewing asap,we have just arrived in Fairbanks and we have a 5 am start for the final push to the arctic circle,we got together with a great adventure company
we are taking the Dalton highway aka the haul road its the way the trucks get supplies up to the oil rigs the infamous oil pipeline runs along side the road which i plan to climb up on and perform an Irish jig at the top of the world on the very pipeline that the American people decided to reject for a cock and bull story about how solar energy and wind mills will power America,brilliant i say but hey they convinced everybody except me but enough about politics i came here to get away from all that,so at 6am we meet up and we take on the mighty arctic and get Samantha across the circle where she will receive her certificate,
but for now I’m getting dizzy with tiredness and need a few hours sleep,so i will leave you with this lick to the haul road you can read all about it,
Samantha is out scanning the Sky’s for the auroras (northren lights) there is no dought we are going to get a great show i have all that planed for after the crossing i need to focas all my energy on that first, the arctic is not a joke its still blowing to minus 50f at the moment and i have to get my daughter over and back without any drama,so for now im going to say goodbye to you all and thanks for the emails along the way it will probley be 24hrs before we get a update out but trust me………………..

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