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Breaking News

I’m out of all this email stuff FACE BOOK is the way forward i have no idea how you make contact with me but I’m there so send your requests and i will decided if i want to add you or leave you behind in the world of AOL,dial up,8MB,I’m off into the
world of terabytes and fiber light speed
and say what i gotta say when i want to say it
scooby signing off……………………………

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Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah,
Just a quick note to let you know i got your email and i like the plan,I just saw our good friend Governor of Alaska Sean Parnell on fox news with the (BREAKING NEWS) about Alaska suing the Federal government to allow drilling,it was priceless he was ranting and raving about all the dam polar bears he does not know what to do with them all,i believe what is happening at this moment in time is history in the making,I see that idiot ALGore
got ran out of Florida the other day i think his empire is collapsing,
A great time was had by all last week in NEW YORK with the Yankees rocking the Bronx
the USS NEW YORK sailing into the harbor all the steel workers and 911 family
members welcoming her to the
Meself and SAM headed down to Washington to check out the sights and protests this
moment in history with a socialist government being in power,we had a blast standing on
the hill at the US SENATE standing up against this
So we got out of that depression and back up to the big apple for a tour of the ship
it was great crack i was giving out orders to all the crew (kill em all ) this ship takes
Anyway i will let ye go and bid you well on your travels,and i have to be honest with ye
i have pissed off quite a few in my day but dam girl you really get them going

click here for photoshow with a kick of irish rap

click here for the story

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We the People

The day started with a update from www.foxnews.com on what had happened over night,with the evil witch of the west and the czars in total control of Americas further there
is NEWS breaking on the minute about backroom deals and changes in the writing of words to make sure each and every leftest organization got there piece of socialism,
So with SAM still snoring i was up and out to MC Donald’s to pickup the coffee and breakfast,what a moment it was when i walked out the door of the hotel and here i find people putting together signs handing out t,shirts getting organized,finally i says to meself
I’m not on me own,
So we headed of back down 10 street with a nod to ABE and WASHINGTON and a tip of the hat to the ladies we got down to the nation mall and dropped into the museum of natural history where saw loads of great stuff,it was out of there and over to the space
museum but all the while moving closer to the moment,
We stood in the middle of the mall looking south to the MONUMENTS and then we turned
north to the US CAPITAL and joined the crowd in the MARCH OF FREEDOM
as we got closer we started hearing the roars of
we jumped right in and joined with the roars of
We left the protest laughin to ourselves and proud of our moment fighting for the
FREEDOM of our kids to come,so they may enjoy the rights to FREE SPEECH,
the right to work hard and not be taxed to death to pay for the evils of
with our visit to Washington complete we hopped the shuttle back up to new york
tomorrow we have a onboard tour of the USS NEW YORK,the bill was passed last
night after history was made when  a president left the white house on a Saturday night
and went to the US SENATE to put the final nail into the American people.

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Moments in History

It was as if ABE was drawing us in,

We were walking back from the Lincoln memorial and with many different streets to pick from each with there own history to tell we ended up taking tenth street,passing the top hotels in Washington where we watched the cream of Washington elite dressed in ball gowns walking red carpets into ballrooms glittering with gold,we sat drinking hot
chocolate we got from a old Chinese woman in a van watching the show
we walked past buildings with archways leading to inner courtyards with cobblestones we could hear the wooden wheels rolling past with news from the south,we saw solders camped out in the national mall,fire wood burning warming up stews and pots of coffee,
it was then we passed the Ford,s theater,
At first we did not realize the history behind this building but we checked it out anyway
we made a left turn and started heading back to the hotel when we found a sign on a house saying this is the house ABE had died in,as it was late at night it was locked up
so we took a photo and headed back to the hotel,
The next day after finishing our protest against
we headed back to tenth street where SAM wanted to pick up some gifts for her crew back in the Rockies,as a typical male i waited outside having a cig when my attention was brought to a guard calling me over,he asked would i like to see the bedroom ABE died in
I said yes i would but we don’t have any tickets he said that’s
OK i have some spare one,s
I ran back to get SAM who thought i was gone mad and was trying to sneak in she kept
saying no dad we all ready got in trouble for taking that photo at the entrance to the
Pentagon when 2 heavy armed guards descended on us asking did we not see all the
signs saying NO PHOTOS which we still deny that we did,
this is different i says,
So up to the door i dragged SAM pushed it in and there was the guard handing us 2 tickets and that’s when we stopped dreaming and walked back 200 years,as i always say a photo speaks a thousand words so take a look and enjoy the moment,the front room was where his wife sat with the ladies,the back room no bigger that the bathroom in me hotel was where the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT was run from,and then you enter the bedroom where this fearless leader passed away,my favorite spot was down the back stairs and a entrance to a tiny garden i stood there thinking of ABE  walking up and down the garden making such decisions that made America such a great Nation,
thanks again

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Dear Abe

Dear Abe,
I have finally decided that you are me favorite president,we headed out tonight with a stroll past the WHITE HOUSE where we stopped for a few moments of thoughts and i have to be honest with ye they were not very good thoughts,from there we headed down to the mall and the amazing WASHINGTON MEMORIAL a truly amazing piece of work and to
think it was the Irish that put that together,from the ground to the top a perfect
straightline i have no idea how the lads pulled off that one,
We stood there taking in the whole moment,to the left a amazing view of the
behind us was (we think its the SENATE) (or could be the HOUSE)but it looks the part
and on the other end its yourself,so we started off walking past the WW2 memorial
down past the reflecting pool where we played the part of FOREST&JENNY still my
favorite part of American history,we got to the steps looked up and said,give us a few minutes there ABE,we sat down on the steps for a rest and a cig and what a view we had,
two Paddy’s soaking in the history of this great country,making up stories about horses and buggy’s passing by with ladies in there big dresses and gentlemen raising there top hats to the ladies (and that’s what they called flirting)stories of solders running for miles
with news from the front line,
It was a harder time but a better time,a time when when people were proud and fought
side by side to build this great nation,a time when no president apologized,a time when people fought for there freedom,a time when people worked hard and never expected
anything to be handed to them,a time when we were one ……………………….
Thank you

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Dear Nancy

Dear Nancy,
Just a quick note to let you know i heard on fox news that you were trying to find a way of stopping (WE THE PEOPLE) from getting to (THE HOUSE) to demonstrate against every thing that (WE THE PEOPLE) have told you (WE DO NOT WANT),thanks to the reformers inside your government who are telling fox news everything you do not want us to know,
did ye really think you could pull that off,so with NEW YORK still celebrating the
and SAMANTHA in town for the USS NEW YORK and MAYOR MIKE in for another 4
years and ye trow in NEW JERSEY & VIRGINA voting you and yours OUT,
I says to meself, are ye right there Sammy lets go and say hallo to
We just got back from a visit i could not do on my last visit to Washington due to
the sadness i still felt,and that was over to the Pentagon and pay our respects,i
understand that is not something you would understand as it was only a year after 911
that you said on tape,that you were to busy trying to get your own man into the white
house to be listening to what the CIA were telling you in top level security meeting,but
sure look i could sit here all night tellin ye what a horrible owl evil whore that you are but
sure you already know that,
so for now we just had a lovely dinner at a great Irish bar where the waitress turned out to
be from the village beside me in Ireland,we are back in our suite at the www.embassysuites.com having a little rest and tonight we will be out touring all the sites,
perfect full moon tonight so we should get a few nice snaps of the moment,
Tomorrow my dear Nancy, meself & Sammy will be part of the crowd on the
GREAT LAWN  demanding the END of YOU,your CZARS,and every form of SOCIALISM
that you might have snuck in when we were not watchin ye,

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Now Thats history



This morning the yet-to-be commissioned warship came to a halt opposite the former World Trade Center site and saluted the citizens of New York City and State. On Saturday she will be formally

inducted into the United States Navy fleet.

Members of the Fire Department of New York, the New York Police Department, the NY/NJ Port Authority Police, members of 9/11 victims’ families and military service veterans gathered on
both sides of the Hudson and returned the salute.

Also from the admin, here are a few videos of the USS New York, as it entered New York harbor this morning for the first time.

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